How to make turkey handprint plates

Turkey handprints are some of the easiest you will ever do! We suggest making them year after year and having a collection of turkey handprint plates that commemorate your child’s growth through the years – not just their physical growth but their artistic growth as well! It is fun to pull the plates out of the cupboard each year and reminisce about how each plate was made. You can sometimes see from year to year what your child’s interests were based on how they choose to decorate the plate and from year to year the plates get better and better!

1. Paint your child’s hand with your choice of colors for the Turkey. The easiest way to go is sticking to one color – we suggest this for toddlers who may not be thrilled about having their hands painted! 🙂 If you have an older child who is happy to hold their hand open for you, you may want to choose a different color for each finger to give the illusion of colorful feathers! Pottery Painting 101 Tip – if you choose this route – make sure to have each color poured and ready to paint with a separate paint brush, so you can get the paint on their fingers quickly before it starts to dry.

2. Once the hand is painted – place it in the center of the plate and press down making sure all those little fingers don’t move – pull straight off when done. Now you have a turkey!

3. Create the legs of the turkey using a funwriter – we suggest a black or dark brown color.

4. Create the beak, eyes, and wattle also using funwriters.5. Using funwriter or puffy paint create any message you choose on the plate – but definitely be sure to include your child’s name and date.

6. If you want to create more interest on the plate you can do polka dots or fleckling. The plate above has fleckling – simply dip a toothbrush in a color or colors of your choice and flick it with your thumb creating a spray over the plate. The plate to the right has polka dots that are created by dipping the eraser end of a pencil into colors of your choice and dotting onto the plate.

No matter how you choose to decorate your Thanksgiving Turkey Plate we can guarantee it will create wonderful memories and a conversation piece on your Thanksgiving Table!