It’s the New Year and New Year’s Resolutions abound! Sometimes, well most of the time, we need a gentle reminder of those New Year’s resolutions. Well this is gentle AND pretty AND multi-functional! You can display it and use it for a pretty serving tray! This is an easy project, anyone can do it,even kids. Your resolutions can be as simple as ours – all about enjoying life, or you can do the real deal -whatever you prefer!

Piece: Coupe Charger or round plate or platter of your choice.

Supplies Needed:

  • Banding Wheel
  • Large Square Brushes
  • Round Yellow Sponge
  • #2 Pencil

Paints Needed:

Stripes – Bouncin Berry, Peachy Keen, Jumpin’ Juniper, Red Blaze and What a Yolk

Rim – Black Lab

Outline and Flowers – Black Lab Funwriter

Stripes: With a #2 pencil, sketch an approximate location for each stripe. Use a large square brush to paint three coasts of each color on each stripe. The stripes do not have to be exactly straight because they look fun and whimsical when they are slightly imperfect.

Words: Use a black funwriter to write your own personalized resolutions in the stripes. Make sure the stripes are dry first and be careful not to cut in to the paint with the funwriter.

Flowers: Then, also using a black funwriter, scatter flowers throughout the platter in the spaces left after you have added all your writing. If you like you can use a stencil and pencil the flowers on before using the funwriter. Again being careful not to cut into the paint with the pencil or funwriter. Once you have penciled on your flowers – Outline it with funwriter and then just fill it in like you are coloring.

Stripe Outlines: Now simply outline your stripes with the black funwriter. Remember it isn’t a perfect outline – refer to the picture – it is supposed to be skippy and whimsical.

The Rim: Center the plate on a banding wheel. With the round yellow sponge, dip into Black paint and with the banding wheel, create the perfect rim for your platter by simply wiping it on the edge of the rim as you turn the wheel. Repeat 3 times for a nice, solid black rim.