Pie, Pie, and more Pie!

It is that time of year – where all we seem to think about is food and more food! And if you are like us – you tend to focus on the deserts! The yummy pies we only seem to have this time of year – the berry pies, the apple pies and of course the pumpkin pies! Does eveyone in your family have a favorite pie – do you have to have a couple of different offerings at Thanksgiving besides the requisite Pumpkin Pie? Then how about giving everyone their own individual pie plate! It makes for a beautiful table setting and everyone will be so pleased with their own special plate! Instead of painting it for them, how about planning a family event and everyone can come in and paint their own personal pie plate! You’ll spend wonderful quality time with your family AND everyone will end up with their favorite pie on a plate just waiting for that Thanksgiving Desert!

6 Easy Steps to Painting a Personalized Thanksgiving Pie Plate

Pottery- Rim Salad Plate

#2 Pencils
Brushes –Medium and Small Round, Large Square
Paint –Pumpkin Pie, Blazing Saddle, Chocolate Moose, Black Lab,
Simply Cinnamon, Happy Trails
Funwriters – Black Lab
Puffy Paint – Black
Large Yellow Sponges

1. The pie –Sketch the basic triangle shape with the#2 pencil. Paint the filling with Pumpkin Pie. Use Blazing Saddle for the top of the slice of pie.

2. The topping-Paint the acorn decoration with Chocolate Moose. Accent the acorn top with Happy Trails. It is just a simple blob of paint with a medium round brush with the Chocolate Moose. Then make brushstroke across the top with happy trails and add the detailing.

3. Pie Detailing – Add detailing to the entire slice of pie and acorn with the Black Lab funwriter. Just lightly sketch around the outside of the pie with the black funwriter and add the deatils to the acorn. Remember the funwriter is a very light touch and it is meant to be imperfect – it’s ok if it is a little skippy or it isn’t an exactly perfect outline.

4. The rimYou can use the big yellow sponge dipped in Pumpkin Pie to wipe color on the rim. Simply dip the sponge in the paint and wipe it around the rim. If you prefer you can also use a large square brush to paint the rim.

5. Dots – Dip the eraser end of the pencil in Simply Cinnamon and make dots all around the interior border of the plate.

6. Finish the plate by adding a name with Black Puffy Paint.

Feel free to change up the colors to make your favorite pie. Use red for cherry pie…purple for blueberry, etc.