As if you needed an excuse to eat a PB&J sandwich – National PB&J day is on April 2. We thought it would be fun to paint our own personalized PB&J plate! Here’s how you can too!

Supplies Needed:

As You Wish Pottery Sandwich Plate

Sharp pencil with good eraser

Paint colors: Pumpkin Pie, Mochachino, Jumpin’ Jelly, and Winenona, and a Black Funwriter

Brushes: Liner brush and a small round brush


First sketch your design onto the plate with a number two pencil. Don’t be intimidated – it’s just to squares with rounded corners.

Using a LINERBRUSH and PUMPKIN PIE, outline your sandwiches with 1 to 2 heavy coats of paint.


Next we’ll “spread” our Peanut Butter and Jelly! Using your SMALL ROUND BRUSH and MOCHACHINO, paint a heavy coat onto one of your bread pieces. You want to paint it on almost like you are actually spreading it on the bread. Rinse your brush and repeat with JUMPIN’ JELLY.

To make your border simply alternate stripes using the SMALL ROUND BRUSH and JUMPIN’ JELLY and the LINER BRUSH and WINEONA. It is just one simple brush stroke for each stripe.


Lettering and details are next! Make sure your Peanut Butter and Jelly are dry. Using a black funwriter, do your lettering and add the details to the sandwich!


The finishing touch – Dots around the edge. These are super easy! Just dip the eraser end of a PENCIL into WINEONA paint and place dots around the top of the rim. You will want to dip the eraser in paint about every two dots.


Leave it with us to be fired. While you wait check out these great snack ideas from Welch’s and Skippy like the one below – they have lot’s more super cute ideas for serving PB&J sandwiches.



Now you are all set to ENJOY!