My mother has been staying with us to help with my newborn. Mary Alice was born April 10th and we are all just smitten with her!

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The week before her due date, we headed in to As You Wish Pottery, so that I could make a Mother’s Day gift for her. I knew I wanted to do something special as a thank you for all that she has done for me. With Mary Alice’s due date just a few weeks before Mother’s Day, I knew that we probably wouldn’t be able to make it after she was born in time to have the perfect gift.

I debated with myself about taking mom with us, and in the end I decided to bring her so that she could pick out exactly what she liked!

I’m so glad she came. It made for the sweetest day, making memories together.

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They had a huge book of ideas for handprints. We took our time and picked out a design that would fit all three hands.

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While they waited for their turn with the plate, they each worked on their own project, which kept all hands busy and distracted.

The staff was wonderful and helped us with the hand-prints. I’m so glad they were able to help. I was a little nervous about getting it just right.

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After they were done, my oldest had the sweetest idea. We decided to make a little pink rosebud to represent Mary Alice.

This will be such a sweet memory of this precious time.

Now, we’ll have to go back and do one with Mary Alice’s for next Mother’s Day!

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