Giving Back:Tempe Empty Bowls

Another year, another fantastic turnout for Tempe Empty Bowls! Huge thanks go out to our wonderful community who came together to give back. In total, there were about 170 bowls painted and donated to Tempe Empty Bowls. 

They will be selling these bowls for $10 each at their event at Tempe Public Library on Saturday, February 25th. If you’re hoping to find your bowl and buy it back, here’s more information on their upcoming event! 

Want to see what the bowl painting was all about? Check out our feature on Fox 10 Phoenix News! 

In addition to the bowls painted and donated, our customers rounded up their change during the month of January, totaling $546.31 in donations for Tempe Empty Bowls. These funds, and the funds raised selling the bowls at their event, will go towards helping feed those that are food insecure across the valley.

As You Wish is so grateful to our staff, community, and customers for making this year’s Tempe Empty Bowls giveback incredibly successful. We’re stronger when we “paint it forward” together!