As You Wish offers a discounted studio fee when Scout Troops paint together. $4 plus pottery of your choice. *6 painter minimum

All Badge Programs meet the requirements for badge completion and include an instructor, supplies and an As You Wish Fun Patch. Actual Badge must be purchased separately.

 May is always Girl Scout appreciation month at As You Wish!

We appreciate everything that Girl Scouting stands for! That’s why during the month of May we are waiving Girl Scout Studio Fees* when you paint with your troop! Reservations recommended.

*Potter Badge,Business Owner Badge, Webelos Art Explosion and Arrow of Light Elective not included.

Contact your local studio to book!

Creative Meetings

Even if you aren’t working on a badge As You Wish is still a great place for a creative field trip! You can coordinate it with a badge project or just come in for some creative fun. Only $4 per Scout plus pottery!

Brownie Potter Badge

$15 per person

  • Find some pottery
  • Get to know clay
  • Make simple pot
  • Make an art piece
  • Paint and glaze

Daisy Petal Party

$15 per person

Choose from one of our ten petal pottery items and paint the colors of the Daisy Petals or paint it As You Wish!  Items will be ready for pick up 3 days after painting. This party does not include a private instructor.

Webelos Art Explosion Badge

$15 per person

  • Visit an art exhibit
  • Create Self Portraits
  • Use Clay to create a simple form
  • Create an object out of clay that can be fired, baked in the oven or air dried
  • Display your artwork in a pack, school or community art show

Specially trained staff are required to teach the following Badge Programs.

As You Wish Fun Patch provided to each Girl Scout.  Actual Badge must be purchased from the Girl Scouts.

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Cadette Comic Artist Badge

$15 per person

  • Delve into the world of comics
  • Choose a story to tell
  • Draw it out
  • Frame it in four panels
  • Add the words

*No painting will be done for this badge.

Brownie Painting Badge

$15 per person

  • Get inspired
  • Paint the real world
  • Paint a mood
  • Paint without brushes
  • Paint a mural

Junior Drawing Badge

$15 per person

  • Experiment with different materials
  • Learn how to add shading
  • Get some perspective
  • Use your imagination like a graphic artist
  • Make your masterpiece and show it off

*No painting will be done for this badge.

Junior Business Owner Badge

$15 per person

Taught by the Owner of As You Wish Pottery

  • Go straight to the source
  • Follow in someone’s footsteps
  • Find out about the SBA
  • Create a customer service pledge
  • Conduct a focus group

*No painting will be done for this badge.