As You Wish Mobile is happy to offer pottery, paints, supplies, glazing, and kiln-firing of projects at a discounted price for groups of 50 or more, anywhere in the Valley! Below are the projects and prices available for Mobile Events, be it an in-classroom fieldtrip, team building experience, a community paint night, or something in between! For schools & non-profit organizations interested in fundraising, As You Wish will donate $2 per item sold back to your school or organization! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just let us know! If you are interested in organizing a painting experience at your facility, please fill out the form below or email Michaela, our Large Events Coordinator, directly at and she will connect with you shortly. We currently do not offer Mobile Events at residential addresses. 

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Project Your cost
10 Ounce Mug $10 all-inclusive
6″ Tile Plaque with Twine $10 all-inclusive
Holiday Ornaments $10 all-inclusive
12 Ounce Mug $12 all-inclusive
8″ Tile Plaque with Twine $12 all-inclusive
Salad Plate $12 all-inclusive
Individual Bowls $15 all-inclusive
Assorted Animal Figurines $15 all-inclusive

    Staffing fees may apply for events with less than 50 painters.