As You Wish Pottery - 4th of July Pinterest

Howdy! It’s Kate from, with the easiest desert idea you’ll ever find!

I emailed back and forth with As You Wish Pottery’s custom artists and told them what I was hoping for. I wanted a cake stand that would be perfect for our Fourth of July celebration – something fun, patriotic, and bright! I wanted it to really accent the cake and be a stunning decoration for the table.

I picked it up and was so absolutely thrilled with their design! I love that it is unique and one of a kind!

All I had to do was make the cake. Everything was pre-made and easy to find at the grocery store!


1 – Angel Food Cake

2 – Tubs of whipped cream

1 – carton of blueberries

1 – carton of strawberries


Step 1: Cut Angel Food Cake into two layers.


Kate Eschbach Photography-1418

Step 2: Add one layer of whipped cream and blueberries to one half of the angel food cake.


Kate Eschbach Photography-1422

Kate Eschbach Photography-1424

Step 3: Line up your strawberries according to size. (I know this sounds a little crazy, but it makes things so much easier!).

Kate Eschbach Photography-1434

Step 4: Add the next layer of angel food cake and whipped cream. Cut the top off of your strawberries and then cut them in half. I place one half directly across from the other half of the same strawberry to give it a little more symmetry.

Kate Eschbach Photography-1440

Kate Eschbach Photography-1443

Kate Eschbach Photography-1444

Step 5: If you want to make the kids squeal with joy, add some sparklers when it starts to get dark! (Be sure to remove them before they burn all the way down, so that the embers don’t fall onto the cake).

Kate Eschbach Photography-1446

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