I recently had a baby and knew that I had to get those sweet tiny footprints preserved on pottery ASAP! Being that her first ever holiday was going to be Halloween I decided to make a cute plate to commemorate that!

AYW_JAS_Foot Print_10

So I headed to As You Wish, chose one of their round dinner plates on got to painting. I chose a light speckled color for the background of the main part of the plate although I do have to admit in hindsight I wish I would’ve just went with a white. For the rim of the plate I chose the black sparkly paint which I love. A fun, easy painting top to get that rim painted is to use one of the round sponges like the ones on the table with the water! (Editor’s Note: For the best, most sparkly results with the glitter paint, paint a base coat of one coat of the a solid color first (black in this case) and then paint 3 coats of the glitter on top)

AYW_JAS_Foot Print_2

To add a little more whimsy I grabbed one of the round sponge daubers to make cute polka dots on the rim as well!

AYW_JAS_Foot Print_3

Next, I got to work on my pumpkin being that my daughter was going to be dressed up as a pumpkin for Halloween I knew I wanted to incorporate one in the plate. I first attempted to use her hand prints as the stem for the pumpkin. I knew that it likely wasn’t going to work as I hoped because newborns don’t like to lay their hands flat but I was okay with that because I know that her little hands are what painted the green “stem.” Then, we got to work on adding her foot prints to the plate. I thought it’d be cute to paint them as candy corns. The staff was so helpful getting her foot painted and helping me place it on the plate.

AYW_JAS_Foot Print_6

AYW_JAS_Foot Print_5

Once the hand and foot prints were complete I added some finishing details by outlining the candy corns and adding some dimension with puffy paint on the pumpkin. Lastly, I had the staff add wording to the plate for me.

AYW_JAS_Foot Print_4

I feel like I could have composed a better design or chose better colors but at the end of the day I love that my baby girl’s tiny footprints are there. I will always treasure this keepsake because this lil pumpkin is just gonna grow and grow!

Go HERE if you’d like more info on hand and foot prints and see a video on how to capture great handprints and footprints on pottery.