What are your sanitizing and safety procedures during Covid-19

We take our Staff and Customer’s safety very seriously.  Here is what we are doing to minimize the risk of contracting Covid-19 while in our studios.

  • Staff are required to check their temperature upon arrival for their shift and complete a form of any Covid-19 symptoms, wear face masks, wash hands frequently and maintain social distancing within the studio.
  • Customers Wearing Masks differs in each state:
    • California, Customers under the age of 6 are required to wear masks at all times.
    • Arizona, Customers 6 years and older are required to wear masks while moving around the studio.  We ask that a reasonable effort is made to have children 2-5 years wear masks as well.  We do allow masks to be removed while sitting at your table and social distanced from other groups.  We do require that the mask be put back on upon getting up from the table.
    • Utah, we do not require customers to wear masks.
  • We ask that Customers wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering the store before touching anything.
  • Tables, chairs and all supplies used by customers are cleaned and sanitized before allowing other customers to use.
  • We ask our customers to maintain social distancing while in the store.
  • We have a cleaning checklist the requires the staff to perform the following throughout the day which includes but not limited to: using CDC recommended cleaning products – wiping down handles, surfaces and other areas of the studio, in addition to the wiping down of the tables, chairs and cleaning supplies used.

If at anytime you feel these procedures are not being followed, please email us at so we can ensure the safety of all

Together we can make a safe environment for all.

If I paint something how long does it take for you to glaze and fire it?

Usually we are on a 3 day turn around time.  At times during popular holidays – Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day – it may be extended a bit, but most of the time you can expect to pick up your pieces 3 days after you paint.

How long do I have to pick up my piece?

Due to space, all pieces will be held for 21 days from the date they were painted (date on your receipt).  Due to Covid-19, this has been extended to 4 months.

Do you have to be artistic to paint something?

Absolutely not! That’s the best thing about As You Wish – anyone can do it! We give you instructions and we have lots of tools to make your piece a masterpiece!  Check out our YouTube Channel as well as our Ideas page on our website for inspiration.

I see you take reservations, do I have to have one?

You can certainly stop in anytime during regular business hours to paint, however, we do suggest reservations especially on weekends and holidays.

Can I paint a previously purchased piece? Can I paint a piece that was not purchased at As You Wish?

You can certainly paint any piece that you previously purchased at an As You Wish studio.Just bring in the piece along with your receipt and all you will pay for is your studio fee. We do not fire pieces that were not purchased at As You Wish.

Can I commission you to paint something for me?

Yes!We have an artist on staff who can custom paint a piece to your specifications. You may contact her at

What makes the products food safe?

As You Wish ensures that all underglaze and glaze paints are free of lead and acid. Additionally each piece painted with underglaze paint is glazed and fired which seals the product making it food safe.We do offer an acrylic paint that is not glazed or fired and is not food safe. This paint is used for products that are not intended to be used for food or drinking purposes.

Are the fired products dishwasher safe and microwave safe?

The products are dishwasher safe, however hand washing is recommended to extend the life of the piece. We do not recommend the product be put into the microwave as it may become extremely hot to handle.

What is your return policy?

We have the absolute best customers in the world, which allows us to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products. Happy customers give us the freedom to protect the very few purchases that have minor issues within 30 days of purchase. Our name really says it best – As You Wish! Simply contact with any concerns and we will make arrangements for a replacement or return if necessary.Gift Cards, Family Fun Passes and Custom Order Products are non-refundable..

What is your privacy policy?

Your privacy is important to us. We do not share your private information with third parties. The information we collect and how it is used is outlined below:

The information we collect:We collect only information that you voluntarily provide us as part of the painting process and/or communication process. This information includes, your name, address, phone number and email address.

How is this information used:We use the information that you provide us to process your order, to contact you if there are questions regarding your order and to notify you with information concerning your order status. We may contact you via email or direct mail in the future to notify you about special offers and new products or services.

As You Wish respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. If you have any questions concerning our privacy policy please contact

How are you protecting my personal information?

All personal information is used for As You Wish purposes only and is stored on our computer with enhanced security for your protection. Your privacy is also kept safe only for the purpose for which it was obtained – NEVER SHARED. If purchasing online, all information is encrypted and securely held.We’re online shoppers too, so we understand how important security and privacy are to our own customers.

How do you protect my credit card information?

As You Wish is compliant with all PCI compliance rules.Your credit card data is not saved on our computers, but is transmitted on an encrypted secure environment.