Want to paint some holiday mugs? Running short on time? This one is quick, easy and incredibly cute all at the same time!

1. Backgound – paint with one coat of pumpkin pie or a brown color of your choice. Use a fan brush or large square brush and make big overlapping “C” shapped brushstrokes over the entire mug.

2. Eyes – paint with three coats of polar bear using a medium round brush. (if you like you may use a pencil and draw the eyes onto the plate once your background has dried, make sure to use a very light touch with the pencil and not cut into the paint, although the pencil will disappear when fired, grooves in the paint will not).

Paint a smaller circle inside of the white circle with an eye color of your choide (blue, green, brown)

Paint a third circle of black inside the colored circle.

We will do the detailing later.

3. Nose – using a medium round brush and white paint, paint a medium sized circle where you would like the nose. Alternate curved triangles of red and white to create the peppermint look – use a small round brush and 3 coats of each color. Before beginning you may want to lightly sketch out the triangle so you insure you have an even number of triangles, that way you won’t end up with two reds next to each other! We will do detailing later.

4. Rim – use a damp sponge dipped in red paint and simply wipe the top of the mug rim. Repeat for multiple coats.

5. Details – Using black puffy paint – outline the rims of the eyes, the outside of the nose and candy swirls and create the smile.

Using White puffy paint – create the zig zag detail on the rim and eye detail

6. Lettering on back (optional) – If you like you can create your lettering with a pencil before painting. Just insure that you sketch very lightly with the pencil so you do not create any grooves in the paint. (pencil marks will go away when fired, grooves will not) Use white puffy paint for the lettering. Use a red funwriter to add the red details to the white puffy paint once it has dried.

Ta! Da! You’re done! Now just sit back and relax and pick it up in a few days – you’ll have one “sweet” holiday mug!