Flowers for Mommy vase1

Mother’s Day is just 3 weeks away and what Mom doesn’t love flowers? We have a super easy fingerprint flower vase for you that young and old will have a great time creating!

  1. Block out space on the front of the vase for your lettering. Just use a #2 pencil and sketch out a rectangle where you would like your lettering. We will do the lettering later.
  2. Create the flowers using your thumbprints! All you have to do is paint your thumb with the color of your choice, stamp it down on the pottery piece. Repeat 5 times to create your flower. Repeat the process as many times as you like with as many color as you choose.Flowers for Mommy vasesmallnobackground
  3. If you like, also paint your thumb with a little green paint and place a few leaves randomly around the vase. Remember every flower doesn’t need a leaf.
  4. Using the eraser end of a pencil – dip it in paint and stamp it down in the center of your flower. Choose accent colors for each flower.
  5. Again using the eraser end of a pencil – dip it in the color of your choice – we used the same green as our leaves – and create a rim around the top of your vase.
  6. Using a black funwriter, lightly outline each of your flowers.
  7. Now using a black funwriter do your lettering on the front of the vase. You can sketch it out in #2 pencil ahead of time if you are unsure of your painting skills. Then just go over your pencil with the black funwriter.
  8. Ta! Da! You now have Flowers For Mommy! Once its fired pick up a bouquet of her favorite flowers and present to her on Mother’s Day! She’ll love you even more than she already does!