As many of you know As You Wish supports Camp Soaring Eagle through our Tiles For Smiles program. Camp Soaring Eagle sends seriously ill children to camp so that they can experience the healing power of laughter and get to be a “normal” kid for a little while. For every $10 tile we sell through our Tiles For Smiles program, $7 goes directly towards sending a

child to camp. Do Tiles really bring Smiles? This past weekend our District Manager Tyler Willis spent time with Camp Soaring Eagle as a camp counselor at Jackpot Ranch. I think you will agree – that there were plenty of smiles! As we said in our facebook update – Tyler will probably have more fun than the kids – and indeed it sounds like she did! Here is Tyler’s update on her weekend with Camp Soaring Eagle!

“This weekend was such a great experience, not just for me but I think for all of the people that were up there. It is amazing how close you can become to strangers in such a short amount of time.

I was the unit leader for the yellow team…we were the Mellow Yellow unit. I got to spend the weekend with the older kids, the high schoolers who I thought for sure would be “too cool for school”. But I was wrong! These kids were awesome! They were involved, and fun, and definitely kept me on my toes. There was not a second of the weekend that the 5 of us were bored. Whether that involved our team fishing, horseback riding or simply laying around the bunk house playing games, we had fun for 2 days straight. We laughed, talked and ate so much this weekend that it was over before we knew it.This weekend was set up for oncology children and their siblings. All too often the siblings get lost in the mix of doctors, appointments, procedures and hospitals so this was their chance to get some of the spot light and praise for being so amazing. I know how cliché it is to say that there are no words to describe how much fun we had and how awesome Camp Soaring Eagle, the volunteers and most importantly the kids are…but it is true. I got home on Sunday and wanted to go back already.”