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I spotted these fun mustache pottery pieces at As You Wish and knew they’d be perfect for a mustache themed celebration. As You Wish had magnets available to attach to the backs, but I decided to turn our mustaches into cupcake toppers. Add in some fake mustaches and you have yourself an instant mustache bash that is sure to get some giggles. These would be great for a “little man” themed 1st birthday party or for a special after school surprise. Faux mustaches optional at the dinner table (but I highly recommend it).

Miniature mustache pottery pieces
Black pottery paint
Paint brush
Black & white paper straws
Washi tape

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Step 1: Head to As You Wish and paint several miniature mustaches. I used a glittery black paint and painted 3 coats on each mustache. They have other miniature pottery pieces that would also work great for cupcake toppers if mustaches aren’t your thing.

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Step 2: Once the mustaches come out of the As You Wish kiln, you are ready to make your cupcake toppers. Cut 2 inches off the tips of the paper straws. You’ll be using 1 straw per topper.

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Step 3: Use a small piece of washi tape to secure the straws to the back of the mustaches. I used washi so I could easily remove it and attach magnets to the back of the mustaches and re-use them as memo holders on our refrigerator. For a more permanent solution, you can hot glue the mustaches to the straws.

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Step 4: Place the toppers in the cupcakes and enjoy!

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