Today is National Beer Day! With the huge craft beer trend we thought why not get a little “crafty” ourselves on National Beer Day and paint our own beer steins!


We took ourselves down to Cartel Brewery in Tempe for a little inspiration. It’s one of Liz’s favorite local spots. Amanda poured us our favorite brew in a stein Liz painted just for Cartel Brewing Co. beer!


Paint a beer stein to fit your personality! Got a favorite sports team? Paint your beer stein to show your team spirit!


Feeling Hoppy? Paint a beer stein with a little humor and declare your love for the hops!


This one is easier than you think – we just found a picture we liked of hops and traced it on to the pottery! Then you can paint it As You Wish.


National Beer Day is a great excuse to paint a gift for your favorite beer loving friend. Fill a basket with your new hand painted beer stein, some of their favorite craft beers and treats and you have the perfect birthday, Father’s Day, or Just Because It’s National Beer Day gift!

What’s your favorite local craft beer?