original_AYW_dishonthewish_contest_3You waited patiently for the results of the Dish on the Wish Contest. If you recall, we asked you to share your fondest memories of As You Wish in honor of our 20th Anniversary. We were blown away to receive an amazing 148 entries! WOW! Each entry was meaningful in its own special way and reinforced what we knew in our hearts, but were happy to hear again in so many unique ways: As You Wish is more than just a place to paint, it is a place to make memories:

There really are no words to express what it means to me and it seems silly because in reality, it is a store. But it’s a place I love.” –Laura Folsom

Judging the entries is the As You Wish Executive Team: owners Scott and Lori Neff, marketing director Susie Mead, and district managers Greyson Barson and Erin Seematter. The task was to whittle the group down to 20 winners. One of the 20 would be the Grand Prize Winner of a $200 Gift Card and 19 would receive $20 Gift Cards. Or so we thought.

“It wasn’t until father’s day approached and I took my children to As You Wish Pottery to paint a mug for their dad … That Father’s Day was one we would not forget, for our family received a priceless gift.” –Heather Webster

As we painfully cut the original 148 entries down to approximately 80 entries, we began to suspect that 20 awards wouldn’t be enough. Maybe it was hearing that the “Wish” had literally brought people together: Step Parents and stepchildren, Moms and daughters, husbands and wives to name a few. Or perhaps it was the fact that some of our customers who are fighting for their lives could go in to just “forget” and enjoy themselves for an hour or two. Then there are the ones who came up with unique ways to showcase their beautiful creations: kitchen walls, auctions, special cabinets and so on.




So many of the entries had similar themes that were equally as touching, humorous or heartbreaking as others. As we took in everyone’s memories and passed around the tissues (literally, tears were shed alternating with occasional bright peals of laughter) it became clear that we needed to include more winners. Agonizing over each additional entry we had to cut, we decided to keep our Grand Prize of a $200 Gift Card but added a First Place Prize of a $150 Gift Card, a Second Place Prize of a$100 gift card and Third Place Prize of a $50 gift card for a total of 24 prizes!

“My first experience with As You Wish began six years ago when my mother asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate my 18th birthday. Little did I know that this small decision to try something new would lead to a multitude of precious memories created during countless visits with parents, siblings, and extended family and ultimately lead to a most revered mother/daughter tradition.” -Erin Litchfield

We want to thank each person who took the time to submit an entry and share his or her hearts with us. It truly was a very difficult process to decide on the winners. We were so humbled, moved, and inspired to learn what As You Wish has meant to all of you over the years! In the coming days we will be sharing everyone’s stories with you, but now we have the great pleasure of sharing the names of all of the Winners and Runners Up!

Grand Prize Winner ($200 Gift Card) Heather Webster, “Our Wish and the Magic Cup.”

First Place Prize Winner ($150 Gift Card): Erin Litchfield, “Treasured Memories”

Second Place Prize Winner ($100 Gift Card): Laura Folsom, untitled

Third Place Prize Winner ($50 Gift Card): Breanna Dixson, “The Engagement”

Runners Up:

  1. John Gower
  2. Kate Harvey
  3. Jennifer Wright
  4. Hailey Boiarsky
  5. Michele Fertig
  6. Beverly Spillman
  7. Tiffany Swain
  8. Angela Phillips
  9. Kristy Martin
  10. Judy Bass
  11. Thomas Fairbairn
  12. Lindsay Vazquez
  13. Carrie Bogert
  14. Mindy Bonifield
  15. Breanna Romero
  16. Adrienne Kunz
  17. Debbie Olsen
  18. Carol Roarty
  19. M. Burr
  20. Gabrielle Roqueni