Back to school is upon us, can you even believe it? I feel like the last day of school just happened and I have no idea how it is August already. However, when I look through the photos from the last couple of months I know that we filled our summer with so many memories. We hosted our first sleepover, celebrated a birthday and swam… a lot. We also spent a lot of time in the pottery studio creating more than art but family memories as well.

As You Wish Summer Memories 2

As You Wish Summer Memories 1

My kids are young but I know they’ll remember this summer because we have so many reminders around our home of time spent creating together. Although the school year is about to start I am determined to keep the spirit of the summer alive and keep on creating those long lasting family memories by continuing our frequent visits to the studio to paint together. I know schedules get crazy busy once the school season starts and Summer will soon turn into Fall but that is even more of a reason to make the time to do these sorts of things as a family.

For me the beginning of school signals that Fall is near and the holiday’s are coming which makes it the perfect time to create gifts for others and holiday decor that will give us warm and fuzzy memories for years to come. In fact, have you checked out the adorable custom name carved pumpkins that are available right now? You can order a pumpkin with a name carved out that you can paint and enjoy forever! They take 2-3 weeks and will be delivered to your studio of choice.


Aren’t they so cute? Sure beats having one of those stinky, rotting carved ones on your porch.

So as summer starts to fade into a beautiful memory don’t forget to keep making new beautiful memories with your kids and get to work on all those fun Fall projects.