Celebration Handprint Plate

Hello! I’m Vanessa from See Vanessa Craft, back with another fun pottery idea for you. A few months ago, as I was on a painting date with my little guy at As You Wish, I noticed a mom painting what she called a Celebration Plate. She explained that if someone in her family had something to celebrate, that they would get to eat on the plate for dinner. I love celebrating the little everyday things and knew I’d be back to paint a Celebration Plate of my own!

Celebration Plate4

If someone brings home a good report card or maybe just needs cheering up, our celebration plate will come out to make that person feel special. When we were brainstorming about how we wanted our Celebration Plate to look, my 4 year old suggested that we each put our painted handprint on it. I loved the idea of having a little piece of each of us on the plate! So, off to As You Wish we went!

Celebration Plate5

The first step is to pick your paint colors. You’ll need a different color for every member of your family. We picked blues and greens for our plate and because my husband had the largest hand, he went first. I recommend starting with the lightest paint color first and going a paint shade darker with each handprint after. Make sure to brush a generous layer of paint on the hand, place it flat on the plate and lift straight up to get a good handprint.

Celebration Plate6

If you have a toddler or baby, you may need some assistance. The As You Wish staff were happy to help with my toddler’s handprint. They held the plate while I guided my toddler’s hand toward the plate and somehow we managed a perfect handprint! I recommend sitting near the sink or have a wet napkin readily available so you can quickly wash the excess paint off hands. I had the staff write our last name on the plate above our handprints and into the kiln it went. That’s it, super easy and such a fun family activity for all ages! We can’t wait to use our plate to start celebrating the little things!

Celebration Handprint Plate


What would your family’s Celebration Plate look like?