Undoubtedly we invest A LOT of time into creating projects and often it seems like we make it all the way to the end with just the lettering left to do, and then the panic sets in, right? For me, it always feels like the lettering could make or break the project, so today I want to share one of my favorite hand lettering hacks that will help you achieve any style of writing. These tools will help you feel confident when adding handwriting elements to your pottery projects.

Supplies needed:

  • A print out of whatever lettering you like. Be sure to make it the right size for your project.
  • Scissors
  • Tissue paper – the kind you wrap gifts with, just make sure it’s not shiny on either side.
  • Masking tape
  • Pencil
  • Fine point sharpie
  • Funwriter
  • Piece of pottery




Step 1 –


Lay your printed lettering sheet down and place a sheet of tissue paper on top. (Tip: Use a piece of masking tape to secure the pages together so neither of them slide around while you’re tracing) Trace the image with a pencil.







Step 2 –

Then pull the two sheets of paper apart and lay the tissue paper on your pottery piece. Tape it to make sure it’s secure and trace again, only this time using a fine point sharpie marker. (Tip: I like to use a colored sharpie when I’m painting with black paint to make sure I can follow my template without getting lost.) The marker will bleed through the tissue paper and leave a template on your piece.




Step 3 –

Use an As You Wish funwriter to fill in the template, like a coloring book and VOILA! You’ve got a gorgeous hand lettered look without ever having picked up a brush. YOU GO, Glen Coco!


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