Cupcake Mason Jar Gifts Collage 2 copy

Hello! It’s Vanessa from, back with another fun craft idea that you can make with your painted pottery pieces from As You Wish. Head into the studio to paint a few tiny pottery cupcakes and we’ll be attaching them to mason jars to create a fun birthday gift! Don’t forget to fill the jars with cupcakes and attach a fork. You could even serve these jars at a birthday party. After the cupcakes are gone, the birthday gift recipient can use these jars to store craft supplies or other small trinkets. Keep reading for a step by step tutorial.


Mason jar
Sponge brush
White chalk paint
Mini cupcake pottery from As You Wish
E600 glue
2 cupcakes
Wooden fork
Washi tape


Step 1: Head into As You Wish to paint some miniature cupcake pottery. Once fired in the kiln, bring home and we’re ready to make our jars!

Cupcake Jar 3 copy

Step 2: Paint the lid of the mason jar with 2-3 coats of white chalk paint, allowing to dry in between coats. Don’t forget to paint the rims of the lids as well.

Cupcake Jar 1copy

Step 3: Using E600 glue, glue the pottery cupcake to the lid of the mason jar. Follow the instructions on the glue packaging and allow time to dry.

Cupcake Jar 4 copy

Step 4: Place 2 cupcakes, without their wrappers, inside a mason jar.

Cupcake Jar 2 copy

Step 5: Screw the cupcake lid onto the jar.

Cupcake Jar 8 copy

Step 6: Attach a wooden fork to the jar with a piece of colorful washi tape.

Cupcake Jar 9 copy

Step 7: Dig in or give away as a birthday gift!

Cupcake Jar 5 copy
Cupcake Jar 6 copy

For more mason jar fun, check out my Party In A Jar book!

What’s your favorite jar gift to give?