At As You Wish we take a lot of pride in our painted samples and the displays you see throughout our studios. We aim to keep our shelves full of color with on-trend designs in hopes of inspiring each and every painter who comes in to create. Today we’re going behind the scenes to take a look at the process of how these displays come together. Let’s go!

We have recently been loving all things lemon, so we decided to use that as our inspiration for the latest display swap. Our team of three decided on a simple color palette that includes lots of black, white, yellow, and pops of green. We also knew we wanted to use hay bales and wooden crates that we already had on hand from past displays.

Now that we have our concept, we sketch. For this step in the process we do a rough sketch of the available display space and what pieces we’ll use to fill it. Once we’ve figured out how many pieces we need, we sketch out a rough design that will tell a cohesive story across the display. Each display will be painted 6 times since we have 6 studios that will be participating in this display swap. In total, this one ended up being about 72 painted pieces.

Next we order all the pottery. Once it arrives we paint one of each design concept to make sure our vision is coming together as anticipated. Once we’ve seen each piece and feel good about our direction, we work on painting all the multiples (5 more of each design painted in an assembly line fashion). This part can take up to a few week between all the painting, glazing, and firing for 72 pieces. 

Once the pieces are all painted and fired, they’re separated and packed into bins that will be delivered to each studio. Once the bins have been delivered, Lori and I go around to each studio to set the display. This is where our vision really comes to life! Now our work is done and the display will take it from here by being an inspiration to those who need it!