Last week we gave away a lovely little vase on our Facebook page. It is perfect for a Thanksgiving centerpiece but can also add to your everyday seasonal decor, especially here in the Phoenix area where we don’t really experience a true Fall Season – the colors and the leaves on this vase bring us a little hint of the beauty of leaves turning and more importantly the vase whimsically reminds us to “Be Thankful Everyday.”

For those of you who didn’t win the vase we thought we would give you instructions on how to paint it! It is sooooo much easier than it appears! So here you go:

1. The background of the vase pictured is a combination of two colors Peachy Keen and Peach Fuzz. Simply dip a damp sponge into Peachy Keen and beginning at the bottom of the vase wipe the paint on in a continuous circular motion around the vase working your way about a third of the way up. Next dip a damp sponge in Peach Fuzz and wipe the paint on in the same manner starting where you left off with Peachy Keen.

2. The Leaves – Couldn’t be Easier – They are Thumbprints! That’s right just a set of three thumbprints. We used Simply Cinnamon, Blazing Saddle, Orange Crush, and What a Yolk. All you do is dip your thumb in the color of your choice and make three thumbprints grouped together – left,center,right. That’s It! We also blended colors – for example we dipped our thumb in orange crush and then in what a yolk and then made our thumbprint – this will give you that variegated color of leaves changing. Make as many leaves all over the vase as you choose, just leave a space on the front of the vase for your lettering.

3. Outlining the Leaves – this is what makes your thumbprints look like leaves. We used a Chocolate Moose funwriter. The key to the funwriter is holding it at an angle and very lightly squeezing it to get a light flow of paint coming out, just do a free form outline of a leaf around your thumbprints and fill in with the veins of the leaf. The Most Important thing to remember about your outline is it isn’t supposed to be perfect, look closely at ours, sometimes the thumbprints are inside and outside of the leaf outline and that’s the fun of it – it isn’t perfect!

4. Lettering – now take that same funwriter and do your lettering. If you aren’t comfortable doing it free hand you can pencil it on first. Just be very careful to LIGHTLY pencil it on, the pencil goes away but if you cut a groove into the paint it will show up.

5. Splatter Paint – the most fun ever! Take a toothbrush and dip it in a accent color – we used simply cinnamon. Now just flick the toothbrush and let the paint splatter onto the vase. If you want bigger splatters flick it onto the vase right after you dip it into the paint. For a finer mist like we have done, do a couple of flicks onto scratch paper to get rid of the excess paint and then flick onto your vase.

6. The final touch is the dots around the top edge to finish it off. Just dip a pencil eraser into an accent color – we used the chocolate moose and make your dots around the top edge.

That’s It! You are Done! See it doesn’t take any kind of amazing artistic ability and you have something that will put a little touch of fall on your table and remind you to

“Be Thankful Everyday”

Happy Painting!