Hey Pottery People!

It’s me, Liz! I’m the custom artist at As You Wish Pottery. I’ve been getting into some really fun stuff lately and I’m dying to share! Like really, I want to share all my tips and tricks with you guys so I’ve been making tutorial videos on how to use some of the awesome new tools we have in our studios! Have you seen them yet? We have new STENCILS, new STAMPS, and new SILKSCREENS! PLUS we’ve been playing with Lace and Ombre techniques and combining everything into ART JOURNALING! You won’t believe how easy everything is to use! So if you haven’t been in to paint in a while or just haven’t had a chance to try these (or if you just want to see my bright shining face) CHECK THEM OUT! It’s totally worth all 60 seconds!

This first one is on our new stencils. They are so easy to use and we have so many of them! These stencils are perfect for creating that art journaling look! If you haven’t caught on to the art journaling craze yet you should come to our May Beginning Technique Class, we’ll show you how to do it!

Silkscreens are totally new to us and we LOVE them! All you do is dip your finger in some paint and rub it on the silkscreen and just like that you have a perfect image! You look like a professional!

And here I am again! 🙂 Ombre is a technique that everyone has heard of! It is so easy, it is simply blending colors together. The trick is to make sure the lines where your colors come together are merged really well so you don’t see the line. Ombre makes a great background for just about any design work!

OK – so I know I promised 60 seconds – the one above and the next one are close to 3 minutes, but totally worth it. This one is on the rubber stamps and shows you what an art journaling piece can look like.

We saved the best one for last! We just can’t get enough of using lace on pottery! We just had a class on it and we did a bunch of our Valentine’s samples with it. It is so fun and EASY, PEASY! The detail is just incredible – it almost looks manufactured it comes out so perfectly detailed!

I hope you enjoyed all of these and are ready to get your creative self creating! What are you going to make today?