15 years! That’s a long time – especially in the Contemporary Ceramics Studios World – there have been many paint your own pottery studios that have come and gone in the Phoenix metro area in the last 15 years, so why is As You Wish still around? Yes, we are creative – but there are lots of outlets for creativity. Yes, we are entertainment – but there are even more options for entertainment in the Valley of the Sun. Speaking from my personal experience, I remember when I first interviewed with As You Wish – over 12 years ago – I was a working parent of 2 young children in a 2 income household and we definitely needed both incomes, I wasn’t about to jump into a job that wasn’t going to be around for very long. I’m pretty sure my question went something like this – “This seems like a pretty popular thing to do right now, but do you think it is a fad? Do you think the novelty will wear off? How long do you think you can stay in business?” – Maybe not the best question to ask of my future employer – but the answer, I think, still rings true today. I’ll summarize it the best I can…..

As long as we continue to focus on the customer’s experience we will continue to thrive. From Day 1, As You Wish has been about the moments that are created over pottery painting. Yes, the pottery is a nice by-product of the pottery painting experience, but the product we really offer is about people coming in to paint and forgetting their cares, it’s about families spending quality time with each other and connecting and bonding through pottery painting. As long as we continue to offer a positive pottery painting experience, we will continue to be in business.

Well, here we are, it’s been 15 years and our customers have told us loud and clear (see our customers 15 reasons to paint pottery) that it is most definitely about the good times, the memories, the stress relief, the little moments that that little ceramic puppy, or picture frame, or serving tray holds, that is most important. We all know that Disneyland is “The Happiest Place on Earth”; we’d like to think that painting at As You Wish could come in second. So Thank You All for 15 wonderful years of pottery painting and we hope that you continue to enjoy your pottery painting memories for another 15 years!