Are you a parent or caretaker of a child with sensory needs? Have you ever wanted to take that child pottery painting but the thought was too overwhelming? Let me tell you it is possible and I’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to help you and your child prepare for their first visit!
1. Visit ahead of time without your child to scope things out. Talk to the staff, they are a great resource as to where the least busy corner of the studio may be and what time of day, day of the week would be best for you to visit. They can even reserve a time for you.

AYW Sensory Need Tips1
2. Show your child photos to help prepare them so they know what to expect. Look through photos online or better yet snap a few of your own when you visit ahead of time.
3. Bring headphones. If loud noises are too much bring headphones to help dull out of sound of the other guests and studio noise.
4. Let your child have creative freedom. Let them paint the way they want, with their fingers, a stencil, etc.AYW Sensory Need Tips35. Bring an apron or an extra shirt. The paint is washable from clothing but if it makes you nervous use an apron or an extra shirt that you’re not concerned about.
6. Keep your expectations low. Don’t have too many expectations of what their final product should look like. Let the child lead by letting them choose what pottery piece to paint and paint colors to use.
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7. Bring a second set of hands if possible. An extra person that the child trusts would be extremely helpful for the times you need more paint or water or to pay for your item. I know my boys like to get up and walk around the studio while I’m trying to pay so having someone there to walk around with them and make sure they don’t touch anything is really helpful.
8. Look for learning opportunities. Try to work on basic skills with the child but don’t take too much control of the activity.
9. Give lots of positive praise. Positive praise goes a long way with any child and could help them be more engaged in the activity.
10. Relax and enjoy as much as you possibly can. Believe me, I know it can be stressful being in a place with so many opportunities to break something or have a melt down but the staff at As You Wish is so helpful and are well aware of the fact that they are a pottery place that caters to children and accidents are bound to happen.At the end of the day this is meant to be a fun outing for you and your child. The art piece you create holds more in memories of the experience you shared and is less about how perfectly it is painted.