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Meet Our Newest Ambassador!

Posted on: February 17th, 2017 by Deb Smith

As you’ve seen, As You Wish reaches out to its creative bloggy friends for different perspectives and amazing inspiration for parties, projects, recipes and more. We’ve had the pleasure to work with Rachel, Ower of West Valley Moms Blog, for some time now and have finally made it official! Welcome to the team!

Rachel is a self-proclaimed desert gal through and through but does enjoy escaping to the beaches of sunny California where she was born. She started her online career with a family blog, but then joined West Valley Moms Blog in 2013. It is obvious that Rachel’s nine years of experience in the fields of Business Development, Marketing, and Graphic Design are put to good use — she has an amazing sense of style and is a supreme crafter. We are thrilled to work with her to demonstrate some great projects that can be done in our studios!

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