Kids Painting Pottery

Parties For Any Occasion

Painting Pottery can be a great way to create the perfect gift Learn More

The Dish on As You Wish

The Story Behind the Ornament

Riley and I wandered in to As You Wish Pottery last week. I knew I wanted to make a few Christmas presents for family, but I wasn’t exactly sure what to choose. As I stood looking at their beautiful selection of ornaments you can paint, I suggested we paint an ornament for Tia, Riley’s great […]

The perfect gift for teen and tween girls

As my daughter gets older, I’m learning that simple and handmade are her treasured possessions. I tend to overthink what to get her for gifts, and she surprises me with what she adores. Last time we went to As You Wish Pottery together, she chose this simple jewelry box. She painted it, and I picked […]

Teacher Gift Idea

This year is my son’s first year at preschool. We are off to an amazing start and having a great time! I can’t believe how well he has adjusted. When he gets home, he talks nonstop about his teachers. He tells me what games they play and what songs they sing. It is absolutely wonderful to […]

Reflections – why we create

    Did you enjoy reading about the Dish on the Wish winners? I know I did! Each of their stories was so unique and special! I think if you ask people why they create, you would probably get a different answer from each person. You would also probably get a different answer each time […]