Kids Painting Pottery

Parties For Any Occasion

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The Dish on As You Wish

The Giving Plate by As You Wish

Hi there! It’s Kate from Songs Kate Sang wishing you a very happy holiday season! Have you heard of The Giving Plate? It is the sweetest tradition among my friends. The plate has a poem written on it. Usually, the plate is full of goodies, and as you enjoy the treats, you reveal the poem. […]

Grandparents Day Hand-painted Gift

Howdy! It’s Kate from, with the sweetest grandparent’s day idea. Until recently, three of my four grandparents were living. I know how amazing that is to have been blessed to have them around until my 40’s. I know their stories. I know where they grew up, what foods they liked, where they met and […]

Fourth of July Dessert and Cake Stand

Howdy! It’s Kate from, with the easiest desert idea you’ll ever find! I emailed back and forth with As You Wish Pottery’s custom artists and told them what I was hoping for. I wanted a cake stand that would be perfect for our Fourth of July celebration – something fun, patriotic, and bright! I […]

Hand Painted Tea Cups

Hi there! It’s Kate from to tell you all about As You Wish’s custom painting creations! Did you know that you can have their super talented artist paint custom pieces for you? Julia, my fifteen year old sweetheart, decided to have two of her closest friends and their moms over for a Mother’s Day […]