Kids Painting Pottery

Parties For Any Occasion

Painting Pottery can be a great way to create the perfect gift Learn More

The Dish on As You Wish

Summer Boredom Buster

Summer in Phoenix means long days that are full of scorching heat! Now that the kids have been out of school for a while¬†the summer boredom blues are sure to be hitting hard! What have you been doing to combat these blues? Well let me tell you As You Wish has been my favorite summer […]

10 Pottery Painting Tips for Kids with Sensory Needs

Are you a parent or caretaker of a child with sensory needs? Have you ever wanted to take that¬†child pottery painting but the thought was too overwhelming? Let me tell you it is possible and I’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to help you and your child prepare for their first visit! 1. Visit […]

Painting Pottery is Art and Art is…

So many things. One person may see something as art while another not so much. That is what is so great about painting pottery, you’re creating your own kind of art. Whether it’s for looks or function it’s your own creation. I find creating art and especially painting pottery so therapeutic. It’s time to sit […]

Little Prints

Time is a tricky tricky thing. It seems like the days go by slowly but the years, those just fly by. All of a sudden your babies are almost 4 and 5 years old and their once itty bitty hands now seem so big but then you realize in no time at all their hands […]