Kids Painting Pottery

Parties For Any Occasion

Painting Pottery can be a great way to create the perfect gift Learn More

The Dish on As You Wish

Root Beer Mug for Dad

Here’s another great gift idea for Father’s Day! Whether he loves root beer or just plain beer, this stein is the perfect present for any Dad! Is there anything better than an ice cold beer on a hot summer day in Phoenix?! Mmmmm! ┬áBut nothing’s better than drinking it out of a hand painted mug […]

Snack Bowls in 4 Simple Steps

Summertime and snacking go hand in hand! If it’s too hot to play outside, beat the summer heat and come get creative by making your very own snack bowls! Here’s how in 4 simple steps! Start by using a pencil to sketch on your snack design! (Don’t forget – the pencil won’t show up once […]

Birthday Cupcake Jar Gift

Hello! It’s Vanessa from, back with another fun craft idea that you can make with your painted pottery pieces from As You Wish. Head into the studio┬áto paint a few tiny pottery cupcakes and we’ll be attaching them to mason jars to create a fun birthday gift! Don’t forget to fill the jars with […]

Hand Painted Tea Cups

Hi there! It’s Kate from to tell you all about As You Wish’s custom painting creations! Did you know that you can have their super talented artist paint custom pieces for you? Julia, my fifteen year old sweetheart, decided to have two of her closest friends and their moms over for a Mother’s Day […]