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As You Wish Birthday Party

Posted on: May 21st, 2015 by Kimberly Sneed

As You Wish Pottery Birthday Party

Hi there! Kimberly from West Valley Moms Blog here with you again, this time not just sharing our most recent As You Wish project but rather the most FUN birthday party we hosted AT As You Wish! Did you know that you can host a birthday party at As You Wish?! If your kids are anything like mine, it is the perfect location. We had such a great time, so today I’m going to share a few of our experiences!

As You Wish Pottery Birthday Party

My oldest AJ loves to head to As You Wish to paint, so when I asked him if that’s where he wanted his birthday party, he was right on board! So we scheduled the date at our favorite Westgate location, gave just a few details about the birthday boy and that was it! On the day of the party I showed up a few minutes early, but I was floored by how everything was already set up and ready for us! Our special party helper Morgan was amazing. I set out the pizza, snacks and cupcakes and we were ready to party!

As You Wish Pottery Birthday Party

When the birthday boy arrived, he was greeted with a large banner and a personalized birthday button! He already felt so special, this was going to be a great day!

As You Wish Pottery Birthday Party

The kiddos got to eating right away, big smiles on their faces! Once their bellies were full, it was on to painting! Now anyone who knows AJ, knows he’s a big fan of coloring and crayons – especially fresh NEW crayons out of the box. Who doesn’t love new crayons?! So we loved when the folks at As You Wish found these special crayon banks for the kids to paint if they wanted!

As You Wish Pottery Birthday Party

Our helper Morgan got all of the kiddos set up – I didn’t have to lift a finger! Before you know it, the food was cleaned up and everyone was busy painting!

As You Wish Pottery Birthday Party As You Wish Pottery Birthday Party

Everything was going to smoothly, this was perhaps the first birthday party in a long time that I was able to sit back, relax and just enjoy the party. Ok, well I DID snap a few pictures along the way…

As You Wish Pottery Birthday Party

Once everyone had painted their hearts out, it was time for cupcakes and presents!

As You Wish Pottery Birthday PartyAs You Wish Pottery Birthday Party

You could just see the happiness and excitement on AJ’s face.

As You Wish Pottery Birthday Party

I’m not sure we could have had his birthday at a better place. His friends and family there – and one of his favorite activities – creating masterpieces at As You Wish! The whole party was effortless and FUN! And one of the best parts? Once we were all done, the gals at As You Wish helped us round up all the goodies and clean the space! That’s right – I got to leave the party mess AT the party! After years of birthday parties at home, I have to tell you it was amazing to come home to a non-partied house!

It was such an amazing day. I’m so thankful for As You Wish and the memories that we’re creating there for our children. I know that AJ had just the best birthday party he could have and I’m thankful to the AMAZING staff at the Westgate location who always love on my boys. So if you’re looking at possible locations for your next birthday party or considering As You Wish…DO IT! You won’t be disappointed, it was the best birthday decision we’ve made!

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